About Us

OutHounds Adventures Mission Statement: To promote the physical and mental wellness of dogs and people.  To be stewards of the environment. To build a strong, supportive and compassionate community.

OutHounds Adventures began with a question.  Eric: Hey, Tim.  What’s next for Charlie?  Tim: Well, I’ve got something in the works, but I need your help.

Two friends looking to do something different in the world of dogs and dog activities. We didn’t want the person sitting on the sidelines while your dog had all the fun.  We wanted you to move and work and challenge yourself as much as them!

It began with the Adventure Club (or OHAC), which was designed in the spirit of other Adventure Learning programs.  But instead of kids on rope swings, it would be dogs and their people embracing their fundamental roots: Two partners working together to solve problems, push their boundaries and embrace ADVENTURE.  We sought to create a community of people and canine companions who help each other on a journey by completing tasks and overcoming obstacles along the way.  We would assist and encourage one another to try new things and take acceptable risks.

It quickly became apparent that OHAC would become so much more than that.  Adventure Club became a place where people could embrace their inner child.  We remembered how to PLAY.  It became a place for fearful or reactive dogs to have an outlet and find an opportunity to be among their peers in a safe setting.  It became therapeutic, for everyone.  And by everyone, we mean EVERYONE.  Families, kids, with dogs, without dogs.

And now, more recently, we are realizing we are creating a platform for an even greater purpose: fostering a love and a RESPONSIBILITY to care for and protect our local and global environment.  In the framework of the Civil Conservation Core (CCC), by getting people OUT and ACTIVE in the beauty of their own backyards, we will create a very vocal advocacy group!

But isn’t it fitting?  For tens of thousands of yearsdogs and people have worked together and changed their world.  And now, here at OHAC, we are at it again.  We want YOU to join us–whether you live near us, come for a visit, or become part of the #adventureclubchallenge, remember:


Our Team

Our Adventure Guides come from various backgrounds and bring unique skills to every Adventure.  What they don’t know, they either find someone who does–or more often–embrace the Adventuring Spirit and LEARN!

Tim Riendeau (a.k.a. “Tinkle”)

(Founder/ Adventure Guide)

Our co-founder, Tim, has a B.F.A. in Visual

Eric Harne (a.k.a. “Dink”)

(Founder/ Adventure Guide)

Eric has shared most of his life with

    OutHounds Adventures is committed to getting you OUT and loving your community and the natural world!