Adventure Classes…

OutHounds Adventures is excitedly preparing an array of classes for our OutHounds and OutHumans alike! While participation in class is by no means a requirement to join us on our regular Adventures, certain skills will make Adventures a lot more enjoyable for you and your OutHound. Dog classes do require our veterinary release form which can be found HERE and completion of a Harmonious Hounds Owners-Only Orientation. Check out what’s coming SOON!

Adventure Foundations is a basic manners type class with an Adventure flare.  We will teach YOU how to teach your dog skills that are useful in a trail setting and learning thru the lense of good trail etiquette.  Skills will include Leash Walking, Come When Called, Name Game, Follow me, Get Behind and MORE!

Adventure Foundations II is an upper level manners type class that builds upon the skills learned in Foundations.  We will teach YOU how to teach your dog skills that are useful in a trail setting and learning thru the lense of good trail etiquette. We will challenge you and your dog to be able to handle the challenges that face you “Out THERE!”

This will be a foundations course that builds skills necessary for various pulling activities! Join us in “harnessing” that desire and putting it to good use!

And do we mean ONE-OH-ONE! Come learn with us the basics of scenting activities for dogs!

You’ve never taken an agility course quite like this! We are inspired by the real world agility that Mother Nature (or NEMBA!) breates for us and build on skills such as balance, weaving, and climbing!

Come learn the basics of navigating the wide range of doggy water sports: dock diving, paddle boarding, kayaking.

A great opportunity for dropping in and practiving whatever skills you want some extra guidance with!

…Not Just for the Dogs!!

Don’t worry! Just like with our marquee Adventures, the dogs don’t get ALL of the fun! We are also preparing classes for our OutHuman Adventure Learners as well!

Tinkle is excited to put that BFA in Art and Art History to good use! Let’s find a visual art creative outlet that will help further our connection to Mother Nature. We will also learn about artists in nature–from en plein air painters like Monet and Van Goh to naturalists like Andy Goldsworthy and then taking that to our own artististic renditions!

K-Boose is excited to put her Creative Writing Master’s Degree to some really great use in this series of a Creative Writing Workshop.

An opportunity to learn about our natural environments as well as some backyard, nature-based, hands-on science experiments.

What should bring in a backpack? What are some important knots? How do you build a safe fire? These skills and others will be covered in our Basic Survival Class.

Please visit our Dogs and Kids Safety Page to see the importance of how knowing how to speak “Dog” can keep everyone safe!