Afternoon Adventurers!

Just a quick thought about that phrase: Love Where you Live. OHAC certainly lives by this motto for sure! While I am always looking for the next great Adventure and always ready to try new and exciting things, sometimes the extraordinary happens right under our noses.

Last weekend, OHAC took a trip out to Turner Reservoir in Seekonk, MA. It’s a beautiful natural oasis in a relatively densely populated community in the Greater Providence area. Our Adventure Guests told me they have driven by the area hundreds of times over the years, but never thought to stop in and see what “Trail Starts Here!” was all about. It’s just one of those local haunts that mostly only locals know about. (Which, chatting it up with some local regulars was pretty wonderful too, but that’s a blog for another day!)

After a little communication snafu, the OHAC caught up with Remy and his Adventure Family–just in time to here “Oh my GOD! We saw a BALD EAGLE!” Now I know there are some folks that might not be too taken aback by that occurrence–especially if you live in a place that boasts that event on a daily basis. But here in Seekonk? It was pretty magical. And of course I thought, Love Where you Live–and for me–Love What you Do! I love taking people to “discover” a place that is really only about a 20 minute drive from their home. I love getting people and their dogs up and out and getting an opportunity for Mother Nature to show me up and gift wrap a memory in bird of prey form. I didn’t get to see the Mr.(or Mrs.) Bald Eagle…but I am so glad they did!


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