Let’s Find an Adventure!

What is OutHounds Adventure Club?

Adventure Club is MORE than a hiking group. Although we are based out of New Bedford, MA, we travel all over Southern New England in search of Adventure! We are a community of people and canine companions who help each other on a journey by completing tasks and overcoming obstacles along the way. Our Adventure Guides scout trails from Providence, RI to Cape Cod, MA, create programs, and help guide Adventurers to see their world with FRESH eyes and an OPEN heart. In the spirit of Adventure Learning, we assist and encourage one another to try new things and take acceptable risks. Our marquee Adventures help foster a love and appreciation for the natural environment and thus a desire to enact positive change!

Who is it for? What if I don’t have a dog?

Simply put; OutHounds Adventures is for EVERYONE! We welcome people with dogs; we welcome people without dogs. We welcome all ages and skill levels. As long as you want to GET UP and GET OUT and rediscover your inner child, OHAC is for YOU!

Adventure Pricing and Membership CLICK the boxes to LEARN MORE!

(Standard Hiking Adventures are FREE of charge. However, if you would like priority access to a Premium Adventure, consider a Blaze Membership!)

Lite Adventures

Lite Adventures are up to an hour in length. These are ideal for Adventure Families with very young or older adventurers. Or those short on time!

Extended Adventures

Extended Adventures are over two hours in length. These are ideal for adventurers that are eager to challenge themselves!

No Dog? No Problem!

OHAC encourages participation of families who might not have a canine companion. If you enjoy being with dogs and want to enjoy a guided adventure with the company of others we would love to have you!

Can't Make it?

Take the #adventureclubchallenge

Buy a piece of OutGear from our Etsy Shop (bandana, T-shirt, whatever!) Grab your buddy and GET OUT! Finally...Cheese it. Tag it. Post it. Whether with us or on your own, OHAC wants you to find and share with us your ADVENTURE!

Standard Adventures

Standard Adventures are typically between an hour and half to two hours in length. These are ideal for Adventure Families looking to burn some energy!

Urban Adventures

There is adventure awaiting us in our own backyards! These are designed to allow adventurers to recognize the beauty and opportunity in the everyday!

Special Adventures


Special Adventures will range from all day or overnight tours to specialty activities for specific groups! Pricing will be on a case-by-case basis.

BLAZE Membership

Check out our membership page for various BLAZE packages!


Coming Soon!